Objective of the Association

  1. To represent and protect the interests of Ship and Yacht Brokers, to disseminate knowledge of the laws and customs governing the profession and its practice, as well as to promote initiatives aimed at protecting the profession;
  2. To promote professional synergy between members through forms of co-brokerage using web tools exclusively for the internal use of members of the Association;
  3. To promote the professional growth of members through activities for the purpose of updating and professional development, as well as the publication and dissemination of studies, research and educational materials;
  4. To study and implement any initiative that aims to enhance and strengthen the role of Yacht Brokers and the exercise of the professional activity of members, both in Italy and abroad, including by organising conferences, conventions and seminars, or by participating in trade fairs and events of interest to members;
  5. To appoint or designate representatives of the profession for all bodies and institutions where such representation is provided for by the applicable law and regulations;To perform arbitration and conciliation functions in disputes between members and through an Ethics and Disciplinary Committee appointed by the members’ meeting;
  6. To provide training for aspiring Yacht Brokers with the objective to pass the examination sessions established by the various Chambers of Commerce;
  7. To develop collaborative relationships with other Associations, similar to those already in place with Confindustria Nautica and Lega Navale Italiana.