Why join ISYBA

  1. To take advantage of a network of Yacht Brokers that will provide greater insight into the various tasks and issues that arise daily in the course of this professional activity, and to gain access to contacts throughout the territory in order to establish effective collaborations;
  2. To access and use the updated forms and contracts on ISYBA website that are accessible only to members;
  3. To gain greater credibility in the eyes of potential new clients as a registered and active member of a serious professional Association, made up of accredited experts in the sector;
  4. Because together we are stronger and collaboration is fundamental in Italy for the achievement of common goals;
  5. In order to take advantage of the legal and professional assistance of Lawyers and more experienced colleagues through a rich network of contacts;
  6. Because members have the opportunity to establish collaborative relationships (co-brokerage), in the mutual awareness that they are dealing with professionals of proven reliability and competence;
  7. To belong to an Association that represents Ship and Yacht Brokers with regard to the institutions and the public;
  8. Because coming together allows us to make our voice heard;
  9. To share working tools and professional updates;
  10. For conscious professional growth;
  11. To provide a quality service to clients;
  12. To stay continuously up to date;
  13. For identification at the National and International level of a reliable professional figure in an increasingly competitive World, where doubtful ethics and competence are an increasing concerning.

How to join ISYBA

To join ISYBA please contact the Secretariat by sending an email to info@isyba.it, they will inform you of the documentation required for registration, which involves a one-off fee of EUR 300 and an annual fee of EUR 300.