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Tarquinio Giribaldi Srl

In the marine business of Imperia City Giribaldi trademark represents a very successful match between history and tradition dating back to 1822 when Mr. Tarquinio Giribaldi laid the foundation stone of its still growing company. Thanks to his effort the local marine firms had the chance to exploit the skills and know-how of his maritime agency to increase their business by enabling wider international import/export operations, at those days as well as today, performed by cargo ships crossing Med and Oceans' waters. In the following years, as a consequence of the multi-sector fast growth of European trade and worldwide market developing, Tarquinio Giribaldi broadened his horizons focusing also on air freights, cruising field and yachting industry. Nowadays Tarquinio Giribaldi Srl Registered Maritime and Custom Agency, after being passed on from father to son for many generations, has joined Mansueto Group, leading company in the global super-yacht market niche. The Agency still keeping its original features enriches by the experience of a well established and dynamic group which has given the opportunity to widen its range of services aimed at luxury-yachts.

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  • Company: Tarquinio Giribaldi Srl
  • Address: Via Scarincio, 48, 18100 Imperia - Italy
  • Phone: +39 0183 63756
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